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↑ Project #FloatingArchitecture: Composition and structure experiments on architecture and architectural photography, part of my self-taught progress in architecture, view some drafts here.

↑ A small poster(-ish) tribute to one of my favourite band, finished in an hour. 20170504.

↑ “Night Walk”, this video series will continue along with my working life in Hong Kong. video sample here.

↑ Shanghai HN (House Numbering system) Font design, a reference we made as a part of the Project #SigninChina.

↑ A personal tribute to all the behind-the-scene VFX/GFX artists, Video Montage, 2017.03.13

↑ “Madeline”, Poster Design, 2017.02.20

↑ “Summer Montage”, color palette of dressing style appeared in the movie “La La Land”, 2017.02.20

↑ “Collage of A Gap Year Life, 2013-2016”, ready-to-print & poster;

↑ “Colors of Film, Frame by Frame: La La Land”, 2017.02.07

↑ “Buildings in The Chinese University of Hong Kong” series, work-in-progress. see full size image here.

↑ Recreation of MTR’s latest information screen on West Rail Line, 2016.09.14