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Our product matrix is designed to satisfy almost any needs for creative purposes, from the internet of things to human-computer interaction, from a small robot to large-scale interactive installation.

Below are some of the inventive and creative projects that were made by our users, they are students, teachers, engineers and designers.


A robot arm that can recognize a strawberry and catch it

A SpotMini-like Four foot robot dog that was integrated with our 2nd-gen module
Laser-cutting Autonomous Car

A Mecanum-wheeled robot car with robot arm that can recognized a colored cube then catch it
Laser-cutting Mini Robot car with mecanum wheels
Robot arm that can be controller by voice command using Google AIY Voice Kit
Laser-cutting WallE-like robot
Autonomous Mini car that can recognize various wayfinding signage in a map

HCI-related (Wearable, Game, etc.)

“Apple Watch” made with our CocoMod
Tetris gamepad

Lights, Music & Arts

Generative Mondrian’s Composition C
Shadow play (皮影戏) device
Papercraft Flute
Sampling sound from Music Module, mixing it with TeenageEngineering Pocket Operator K.O.
Color extraction using Color Analyzing Module

Internet of Things

AI Module + NB-IoT data communication capability
DIY Panel Switch, controlled via Shorcut app on iOS
Automated Watering Device

LED Light Control via Bluetooth (MIT AppInventor)

Artificial Intelligence

Facial recognition using Google’s Teaching Machine


Facial recognition using AI Module (read time YOLOv2 model inference)
Trash Classification Device
Visual Line Tracking

Other subjects

Thermal sensor demo
Pendulum Device
COVID-19 Status Checker
Thermal sensor demo


We have manager to set up multiple school-wide robotics competition with partner like China Mobile in Hong Kong. Until now, more than 150 schools have attended to our competitions we held.