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TJTL Design Case: AMIRO Future

Client: Accompany Technology
Role: Creative Technologist
Location: Shenzhen
Duration: 03/2016-05/2016

The company was developing a series of products in the cosmetic industry, such as smart lighting mirror. I was in charge of an experimental project called “AMIRO Future Mirror”, the project was dedicated to bringing smart home features and cosmetics recommendation system to a consumer-level mirror device. As a creative technologist, I was in a role to help the founder of this company to figure out the market orientation and software features for the first product prototype. With other engineers and designers, the hardware prototype was finished within three months. I was making the graphical user interface and its user interaction strategy; I also created several software demo and mockups that can fulfil specific needs for the prototype, including the coding part for the lighting system (that can simulate different lighting atmosphere in a room), and visual design for its voice assistant.

System UI & Interaction Design

  Final Prototype UI, full demo video

  Final Prototype UI sample: Cosmetic-related video tutorial recommendation

  Final Prototype UI sample: Skin detection

  Final Prototype UI sample: Skin analysis
  Final Prototype UI sample: Analysis history

Voice Assistant Design

Design Moodboard

Design Drafts