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TJTL Design Studio: Archive

Before I started the startup with my friend, I was a freelance designer from 2014 to 2016. My work during this period mainly focused on User Interface & Interaction Design for products ranging from consumer electronics to internet business. I also provided branding design service for business, including design guideline and universal design language. Here are some of the major cases I’ve worked on during that period:

Client: Accompany Technology
Role: Creative Technologist
Location: Shenzhen
Duration: 03/2016-05/2016

The company was developing a series of products in the cosmetic industry, such as smart lighting mirror. I was in charge of an experimental project called “AMIRO Future Mirror”, the project was dedicated to bringing smart home features and cosmetics recommendation system to a consumer-level mirror device. As a creative technologist, I was in a role to help the founder of this company to figure out the market orientation and software features for the first product prototype. With other engineers and designers, the hardware prototype was finished within three months. I was in charge of the graphical user interface and its user interaction strategy; I also created several software demo and mockups that can fulfil specific needs for the prototype, including the coding part for the lighting system (that can simulate different lighting atmosphere in a room), and visual design for its smart assistant.

Client: Capability LTD
Role: Visual Designer
Location: Shanghai
Duration: 10/2015~03/2016

The startup developed an electric skateboard called “StaryBoard”; it was the lightest and most affordable Electric Skateboard from 2016 to 2017. The goal of this product was to make a fashionable and easiest to learn skateboard. More than 1,178 backers pledged $742,739 to help bring this project to life on KickStarter. My work responsibility was to create a whole package of design solution for this product with hardware engineers and mechanical engineers; my work included: board appearance design, user interface design for the remote control, user manual design, packaging design, photography for promotional usage.

Client: CarPlus Technology
Role: Interaction Designer
Location: Shenzhen
Duration: 01/2015~08/2015

The startup developed a Head-up Display (HUD) Device for Automobile called “CarPlus HUD”, the goal of this product is to make it can be added to any vehicle to help keep your eyes on the road and your hands off your phone. My work responsibility was to help the founder of this company to design a sustainable and intuitive graphical user interface for the operating system with other software engineers and designers. Since it is an early-stage startup, I created several software demo and mockups that can fulfill specific needs for the final products, in order to help the founder to pitch in front of VCs.

Other Miscellaneous Projects

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For old design portfolio, please visit: http://cargocollective.com/technommy or https://technom.me/Works