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TJTL Design Case: Carplus HUD

Client: CarPlus Technology
Role: Interaction Designer
Location: Shenzhen
Duration: 01/2015~08/2015

The startup developed a Head-up Display (HUD) Device for Automobile called “CarPlus HUD”, the goal of this product is to make it can be added to any vehicle to help keep your eyes on the road and your hands off your phone. My work responsibility was to help the founder of this company to design a sustainable and intuitive graphical user interface for the operating system with other software engineers and designers. Since it is an early-stage startup, I created several software demo and mockups that can fulfill specific needs for the final products, in order to help the founder to pitch in front of VCs.

Logo & Brand Design 

Operating System: User Interface & User Interaction

Main UI Demo (Final version)
  Handle Incoming Call (Final version)

  Handle Messaging (Final version)

  Voice Assistance Demo (Final version)

 UI Demo Version 1 (Eventually I gave up this version due to its blurry UI)

Product Photography

Poster Design