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TJTL Design Case: StaryBoard

Client: Capability LTD
Role: Visual Designer
Location: Shanghai
Duration: 10/2015~03/2016

The startup developed an electric skateboard called “StaryBoard”; it was the lightest and most affordable Electric Skateboard from 2016 to 2017. The goal of this product was to make a fashionable and easiest to learn skateboard. More than 1,178 backers pledged $742,739 to help bring this project to life on KickStarter. My work responsibility was to create a whole package of design solution for this product with hardware engineers and mechanical engineers; my work included: board appearance design, user interface design for the remote control, user manual design, packaging design, photography for promotional usage.

Unboxing Videos

Provided by hardcore fans on YouTube.

User Manual Design

Read the manual here: M-H32 Stary Electric Skateboard User Manual